So I’ve started a business, now what?


Having a mentor is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of having the right mindset for success

Throughout life, there will be only a handful of truly euphoric moments that we will all experience. Events, like getting married, becoming a parent, and winning the lottery, are on the shortlist of moments, and for many, launching a business will also make this cut. There are few moments like starting a business, and also closing a business (that’s a story for a different day) but for this article, we’re focusing on the euphoria that is becoming your own boss.

Congratulations, you did it! You have followed your heart and are now embarking on the journey of being in charge of your destiny. You are now managing your own schedule and workload without having someone breathing down your neck. This is often not how it goes as a founder, but I get how thoughts like these can push someone to take the entrepreneurial leap.

Tasks aside, now that you’ve launched your business, what should be your next steps. This is a question I’m often asked, and as a Brand Strategist I typically recommend starting with brand positioning, but today I’m taking a slightly different approach.

I’m taking off my brand strategist hat and looking at things through the lens of a new founder. If I were launching a new business today, my first objective would be to find mentorship. Wait.. what..mentorship?! Yes, I know it’s not the sexiest answer, but mentorship is pivotal to the success you will have as an entrepreneur.

I completely understand the excitement and fulfillment that comes along with going at it alone and creating something based on your own ideas, I’ve been there. And to that point, I also understand having the feeling of being the only person who knows what’s best for your business, why, because you created it.

However, the reality is that while you can have a great idea, you may not know exactly what you should or could be doing with your business. This is where the value of mentorship comes into play — and I’ve provided 4 reasons why finding a mentor should be your first objective after launch, if not before.

Mentors are guides
As you know, life is full of twists, turns, and roadblocks along the way and the same goes for business. Having the right mentor in your corner can help you navigate and avoid potential mistakes they’ve experienced. Positioning you to reach potential success milestones at a quicker pace.

Mentors are encouragers
Being an entrepreneur is difficult and there will be days when you feel like giving up or begin questioning your abilities. A mentor can provide the moments of affirmation and encouragement needed during difficult moments.

Mentors are sounding boards
There will be moments when you simply need someone to listen. Mentors are great sounding boards — allowing you to vent, run ideas past them and give their opinion when necessary.

Mentors are connectors
We’ve all heard the saying, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” and this never more true than in business. With mentors being someone who believes in not only your business but more importantly, you as an individual, they will have no problem opening their Rolodex for your benefit.
Having someone who can make introductions on your behalf is invaluable, and can help you progress your cause and even fast-track your progress.

If you have not already, I encourage you to be strategic and proactive in search of mentorship because as a business leader, having a mentor is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of having the right mindset for success.

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