Started as a programmer, became an entrepreneur, and grew into Venture Capital

I'm a 3x founder turned investor who is working to support the growth of early-stage entrepreneurs & tech ecosystems. Whether by direct investment, advisorship, or my Founder Access newsletter. I'm doing my best to help founders navigate the nuances of the entrepreneurial journey.

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Our focus centers on investing in companies that profitably move societal disparity to prosperity across multiple categories such as health, financial services, workforce, climate, cyber.

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Private 1:1 Advisory Sessions

One-to-one advisory sessions for startup CEO's.

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Founder Access.

A collection of resources designed to help early-stage founders navigate the challenges of fundraising and growth.

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I guess you can call this my blog or...

Thinking Thoughts.

In case you're wondering, these are my personal thoughts, generated by me, representing me. I’m simply a guy living in Metro Atlanta thinking aloud about entrepreneurship, innovation, fundraising, and other random things that cross my mind. ✌? {P.S - I've recently migrated my content to Substack and would for you to subscribe. All content will come directly to your inbox.}