Creating Brand Messaging


Creating Brand Messaging

Thus far in our Brand Positioning series, we’ve discussed how “Brand success starts with your DNA” and the importance of “Defining your target audiences,” which are essential in developing a strong brand foundation for your business. The process of positioning your brand is an extensive and strategic one, but a benefit of embracing this process is that elements such as the ones required for crafting your brand messaging are identified as well.

Why Messaging Is Important
Your brand messaging is essential because it provides the ability to establish a personal connection with those inside and outside of your organization. A saying to remember when it comes to messaging is this, “those who control language, control action.” I hope you keep this top of mind when approaching your brand messaging because possessing the ability to communicate the problem your offering solves clearly, and for whom it solves it for is a powerful tool.

How Defining your Messaging is Made Possible
As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, gathering the ingredients required for crafting messaging that moves people to action is a result of having a clear understanding of your brand DNA and target audience. The reasoning for this is as follows, when you know exactly what you as a personal brand or business is made of and couple that with a thorough understanding of whom your product/service is made for the ability to generate engaging dialog is activated.

In simpler terms, knowing who you are and whom your ideal client/customer is makes creating messaging that provokes them to buy your offering an alley-oop. Just put the message by the basket and allow them to slam it home! (If you’re unfamiliar with basketball terminology, just forget I mentioned the alley-oop and know understanding these factors makes things easier to close a sale.)

The 4 must-haves for crafting a compelling brand message

1. Convey who you are (why you exist)
Provide insight into why you’re doing what you do. Shine light on your vision, mission, and core values.

2. Convey what you do (product/service you offer)
Provide details on what your product or service is

3. Convey whom you do it for (your target audience)
Clearly explain who your offering is for. Remember to be specific because when you’re speaking to everyone, you’re engaging no one.

4. Why it matters (the problem it solves)
Clearly explain how your offering solves the problem of your target audience. What will result from them doing business with you.

Starting working on your brand message
With there being so many competing voices in today’s consumer market it can be difficult at times to reach, nonetheless, engage with people. This is why it’s so important that your messaging pinpoints and speaks directly to a specific audience. Stand out from the competition by crafting messaging that show your audience who your brand is and why they should care about it. Use these four elements to begin creating a compelling brand message for your business.