Brand Success Starts with your DNA


Brand Success Starts with your DNA

The question of why some individuals achieve success while others do not is often asked and has been scientifically associated with our DNA. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom conducted a study where more than 800 pairs of twins were interviewed about their perspectives on life.

The study compared identical twins, who share all DNA and childhood upbringing, with non-identical twins, who have a shared upbringing but are no more genetically alike than other siblings.

Their research found that much of our predisposition towards having a sense of vision, purpose, determination, and self-control are directly correlated to our DNA. DNA is a key contributor to our success; however, researchers advise that those who are not equipped with a helpful set of genes shouldn’t be discouraged because the vital igniter of these genetic advantages is “focus.”

Those with our without these advancements will achieve success solely based on their ability to clarify, focus, and execute — and the same goes for your business.

You may have never thought of it this way, but companies are like people. Each company has a specific method of operating that is unique to them. The purpose of your business may be similar to others, but it will not be authentically identical to anyone else.

You will think differently. You will hire differently. You will measure success differently. You will market differently. The way in which you lead your entire organization will be different, and these authentic differences are derived from your brand DNA.

Your Brand DNA is fundamental to the level of success you will achieve, and this applies to those of you leading personal brands or corporate brands. To dive more in-depth into this topic, below you will find the four (4) elements of your Brand DNA and examples of how we defined ours at Cultural Sync.

The first element of your brand DNA is Vision

Your vision statement is important because it clarifies what you want to become. It’s aspirational. It is the future of the business, which provides your purpose. As an example — Our vision at Cultural Sync is to develop an ecosystem that positions entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable brand success.

The second element of your brand DNA is Mission

Your mission statement clarifies what drives the company. It’s what you do on do on a daily basis in pursuit of accomplishing your vision. It’s what you do at the core of your business. As an example — Our mission at Cultural Sync is to help entrepreneurs build brands that lead to consistent business growth.

The third element of your brand DNA is Values

Your core values are the heart of your brand. They play the role of a moral compass, guiding the behavior of all internal stakeholders (leadership, employees, sales team, etc.). I recommend having between 3–5 values. As an example — Our core values at Cultural Sync are curiosity, honesty, respect, and integrity.

The fourth and final element of your brand DNA is Mindset

Your mindset is how your internal team thinks and acts. It provides a guideline for how all should communicate while representing the brand. As an example — Our mindset at Cultural Sync is to “ask questions,” “Be an engaged listener,” “Embrace ideas that are not your own,” “Take client projects personally” and “Be people of integrity.”

Once you have defined and clarified these four (4) elements, you’ll have an authentic sense of who you are. You’ll be equipped with the fundamental elements required for building a strong brand foundation and understand how to begin the process of successfully positioning yourself in the market. And in this current era of forced transparency, authenticity in your brand communication and promotional strategy is pivotal in connecting and building trust with the consumer market.