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My Favorite Podcasts

My Favorite Resources

  • Calendly – Easy Meeting Scheduling (scheduling)
  • Google Hangouts – Video Conference (online meetings & coaching)
  • Uber Conference – Free Conference Call Line (multiple person calls)
  • Slack – Team Collaboration (team & mastermind groups communication)
  • Trello – Project Collaboration (personal to-dos)
  • Pocket – Archive Articles to Read Later (save articles to read later)
  • Asana – Detailed Project Mangement (client project management)
  • Evernote – Note Organization (personal brainstorming)
  • Google Drive – Collaboration/Document Organization (organizing business documentation)
  • Audible – Audio Books (continued education )
  • Spotify – Music Streaming (where I establish my daily vibe)
  • Keeper – Password Keeper (password database)