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Startup Fundraising Advisory

One of the few universal truths of entrepreneurship is that, “Raising money is a difficult and time-consuming process”.

I help to reduce the pain, frustration, and time associated with raising venture capital by providing entrepreneurs with tailored guidance on navigating the complexities of the fundraising process.

Assisting in defining a clear fundraising strategy, craft compelling pitch materials, and create an outreach strategy that grabs the attention of investors.

My experience in navigating venture capital as a founder and investor ensures that you receive strategic support at every step, reducing the burden on you and increasing the chances of a successful fundraise.

My goal is to streamline your fundraising efforts so you can focus more on growing your business and less on securing funding.

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How I help you fundraise

You have the talent and vision. My job is to help you understand the nuances of venture capital, prepare & execute a fundraising strategy & effectively communicate your vision to investors. The following are the six (6) stages of my Fundraising Readiness coaching.


VC 101: A discussion of the nuances of venture capital. Covering how venture capital works, the pro's and con's of taking venture dollars, and how to successfully close a fundraising round.


Fundraising Strategy: Your roadmap to securing venture capital. This stage equips you with tailored strategies and insights to identify the right investors, refine your pitch, and effectively communicate your startup's value, setting the stage for successful funding rounds.


Investor Readiness: Fine-tuning of your approach to ensure you make a compelling case to potential investors. This stage involves perfecting fundraising messaging, optimizing your financial projections, and preparing you for rigorous due diligence, so you can confidently engage with VCs.


Storytelling & Design: The process of transforming your vision into a compelling narrative and visual presentation that resonates with investors. This stage focuses on crafting a clear, impactful story that highlights your startup's unique value and potential, supported by professionally designed materials that capture and retain investor interest.


Fundraising Outreach: Focusing on crafting a strategic messaging sequence and developing an effective outreach strategy to engage potential investors. This stage ensures your communications are clear, persuasive, and timed perfectly to maximize interest and responses from venture capital networks.


Ongoing Campaign Advising: Offering continuous support as you navigate investor conversations and the due diligence process. This stage offers expert guidance on handling inquiries, negotiating terms, and managing follow-ups to ensure you maintain momentum and successfully close your funding rounds.

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I take clients primarily on a referral basis and have a limited number of openings for new clients. If you don’t have a referral but think you’re a good fit, you can apply by scheduling a Discovery Call below.

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I work with companies raising Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A rounds

I cannot promise that investors will to be interested in your deal. What I can guarantee is that you will be prepared to successfully fundraise and will be supported through every step of the fundraising process.

A warm connection has the highest rate of success. This strategy only works on a hyper targeted level, and does not scale. I will socialize your deck to my network and will only make a connection if the VC shows interest.

There are 3 different ways to work with me

  • (1) Fundraising Strategy Session: $3,000 (two-hour 1:1 session)
  • (2) Fundraising Readiness Coaching : $6,500 (1/2 day session)
    • Includes six stage program
  • (3) Advisory Retainer: $10,000 (120 hours)
    • Includes six stage program + advisory sessions

The sessions are conducted via zoom and also in-person if located in the Metro Atlanta area.